We Buy...Stuff

Not interested in getting a loan, but would rather sell? Not a problem! We are more than happy to take a look at what you have for sale and provide you with a free no obligation cash quote on the spot in as little as a couple of minutes. If you like the offer you will get immediate cash and if you don't you have to obligation to sell.

We have provided the following checklist to help you get the most cash for your valuable items in the least amount of time. So please do the following before bringing in your items for a quote.

  • clean your items
  • make sure that all manuals, cables, adapters, CDs, original boxes, or any accessories are brought with your items
  • please make sure your items are in good working order and that you can demonstrate it to our staff

How the Selling Process Works

You must qualify to sell your items, which means you are at least 18 years of age and have a valid state issued unexpired photo id or passport.

Bring your item(s) and photo id to any one of our locations in Valparaiso, Lake State, or La Porte.

One of our experienced staff will appraise your item and then discuss with you how much cash you can receive for it.

If you are pleased with the cash offer your information will be entered into our computer database and a you will be asked to sign and provide a fingerprint on a purchase receipt after which you will receive your cash.