About Us

Ameripawn was founded in 1986 by Greg Engstrom in order to provide much needed financial services to those who had collateral to loan against, but who were turned down by banks and credit unions. Greg's first store was, and still is, located in his hometown at 1415 E. Lincolnway in Valparaiso, Indiana. Since then Ameripawn has expanded to new locations near Valparaiso including Lake Station and LaPorte.

While Greg acquired an interest in financial services as an adult as a child he was fascinated by US coins and currency and his fascination continues to this day. As a result, Ameripawn is not only a pawn shop, but also a well stocked coin shop with everything from state quarters and American silver eagles to bust dollars and liberty cap cents.

As Greg was pursuing his passion for coins at his first business, a coin shop, he also began to buy, sell, and repair jewelry and watches. Not surprisingly this lead to his second business endeavor, Ameirpawn, to be stocked with a wide assortment of pre-owned jewelry and to have a full time professional jeweler on staff.

So, due to the wide and varied interest of its owner, Greg Engstrom, Ameripawn is not just a typical pawnshop, but also a coin shop and jewelry store all in one.

Do you think Greg stopped there? Nope! If he wasn't already busy enough with loans, coins, and jewelry Greg took it upon himself to dabble in politics by becoming the President of the Indiana Pawnbroker's Association. In this role he has strived to make law makers, his customers, and the community as a whole more aware of the important role that pawnshops play in the lives of so many Americans past and present and why it is a tradition that should be preserved. He has also strived to remove the false Hollywood style image of pawnshops as shady institutions that deal in stolen goods. At all Ameripawn pawnshops we update the local law enforcement agencies of all new loans daily. We also acquire driver's license information and even a thumbprint with every loan received every time so that if something was pawned that was also stolen those individuals will be caught and prosecuted. You can fake a license, but not a thumb print!

Greg Engstrom was raised in Valparaiso and he wants to serve that community, and it's surrounding areas, as best he can through responsible, honest, and fair business practices in clean well lit buildings with friendly employees. Come visit us and see the difference!